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How to join in LSN Servers.

    Remember that before entering the server you should already have a driving skill in the LFS, otherwise you may be banned according to the rules. Before entering the server, the rules of behavior on the server are required to be read: http://vk.com/topic-21931081_29622793
    1.) Download the distribution of the game LFS LFS 0.6R and install it - https://vk.cc/8fOPn9 https://vk.cc/8fOOYj (mirror)
    2.) Download crack and ip patch from 0.6H working https://vk.cc/8fOPkp https://vk.cc/8iAgBg (mirror)
    3) Download the launcher and drop it into the game folder - http://lislon.ru/files/launcher_lsn.exe https://vk.cc/8JJjkV - Detailed topic on Lsn launcher (if there are errors with the launcher)
    4) Only for users of 64-bit systems, before using unlock, do
    Open the registry editor with administrator rights (Start Run, type regedit in the line Copy the value of the string parameter from: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows NT / CurrentVersion / ProductId The ProductID parameter is not searched in the section names, but simply click on CurrentVersion and look in the right editor window. Find ProductId, click on it 2 times, and copy the "value" something like "00426-OEM-8992662-00006" Then create a new ProductId key in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Wow6432Node / Microsoft / Windows NT / CurrentVersion / Also, by clicking the CurrentVersion section, in the right pane of the editor where this ProductId should be, right-click, then create> string parameter. We also call it ProductId and paste the copied key value into it.
    5) From the administrator, run the IP patcher in the root with the game, poke the patch.
    6) Run the unlocker in the root with the game, enter the account and password in the game at least 8 characters, you can simply 12345678 and press unlock S2.
    7) Close the unlocker and start the LFS via launcher_lsn.exe with admin rights, if there are errors with the launcher - https://vk.cc/8JJjkV
    8) To play online - Network game - Enter a specific game - in the local network - and enter the port of our server.
    If there is no Windows NT partition in the WOW6432Node branch, install / update the NET Framework